It’s time for the 2nd annual Christmas Portrait Classic!  If you were not around for these fun shoots last year, the story goes that I had always pushed hard against shooting family, couples, and wedding photography.  It’s not because I don’t like these things (I am married and have a family, after all!), but I always assumed that type of photography was not my cup of tea.  Because 2020 was 2020, I decided to shoot family Christmas portraits in my editorial style.  It turned out to be some of the most fun I have had my entire career as a photographer.  My wife, Faye Smith, and I are doing it again for 2021!

These Christmas portraits are different than what you are used to.  I shoot these in my editorial style, so all you families who never get family photos because they always end up looking too cheesy, this experience is for you.  This year we will be building a new set with a different backdrop.

We will be donating again this year to Backpack Buddiesa charity that puts food on the table for starving children in British Columbia.

Get this:
1 in 5 children in BC go without food over the weekend.  1 in 2 children in northern Vancouver Island go without food over the weekend. Simple math tells me that that is HALF the children. This is devastating. Backpack Buddies fills the weekend gap, and for $15 per child, they provide 9 meals with fresh fruit and snacks. They are providing meals for almost 3000 BC children per week.
Come and have a cool family Christmas portrait taken this year and help us donate money to this great charity!
Photoshoot: $250, which includes 2 fully retouched images (these are not the quick Lightroom edits you are used to). Photoshoots are up to 1 hour long.
Additional images are $50 each.
$25 of my earnings will be donated to Backpack Buddies.
Women’s hair and makeup with my wife, Faye Smith: $125.
$15 of Faye’s earnings will be donated to Backpack Buddies.
Prices are subject to 5% GST