Brandon Hart is one of the top business headshot photographers in Vancouver.  Brandon Hart Photography specializes in corporate headshots that are different from your standard business headshots  He works with you, as a creative director, helping brand  your company to say what you want your company to say.

Passport photos are not what headshots should look like anymore. It is important that companies have headshots that describe where you have been and where you are going as a company.  Headshots need to speak to your potential clients, describing who you are, as a team, in a photograph.  Good business headshots, if done correctly, have the power to set your company apart from your competition.

Company brand is one of the post important pieces of how we look at business moving forward in todays corporate world.  Having strong, branded headshots that explain who you are, what you do, and how distinct you are is incredibly powerful.

Brandon Hart photography has over ten years of experience as one of the best professional business corporate photographers in Vancouver, working with business’ of all types.  Brandon Hart Photography has worked with Lawyers (many law firms), Realtors hundreds or real estate agents), Dentists, doctors, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, councillors, bankers, financial advisers, brokers, architects, engineers, etc.

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