Brandon Hart is a Commercial Portrait Photographer based in Vancouver, BC.  Brandon Hart Photography is one of the best headshot photographers in Vancouver, Canada.  Brandon has been shooting actor’s headshots for 10 years, working with thousands of actors in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Brandon Hart has been published in several magazines worldwide.  Brandon shoots commercial, advertising, fashion, portraits, headshots, and editorial photoshoots.  Brandon Hart Photography specializes in actor’s headshots, business headshots, corporate headshots, commercial advertising, and promotional photography.  Brandon Hart is one of the top photographers in Vancouver.  Brandon specializes in actor’s headshots that evoke power, presence, and truth.  Brandon spends a lot of time working with actor’s, focusing on character, relationship, and communication.  Since Brandon comes from a background in acting in Vancouver, he directs actor’s in a way that actors understand.

Vancouver actor’s headshots are what Brandon Hart Photography is the very best at in Vancouver.  Vancouver Actor’s headshots is the type of photography that Brandon Hart Photography is very passionate about.  Brandon Hart is connected with several of of top acting agencies in Vancouver.  He has spent years developing relationships with Vancouver actor’s agents so they know that he will produce headshots that are at the top of the film industry.  Brandon has worked with some of the top actor’s that Vancouver has produced.

Actor’s such as Lee Majdoub from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sara Canning from Vampire Diaries, Tasya Teles from The 100, Grace Dove from The Revenant, Cody Kearlsey from Riverdale, Tyler Cotton from The Chilling adventures of Sabrina, Eva Bourne from When Calls the Heart, Philip Birnstiel from Das Boot, Todd Talbot from Love it or List it Vancouver, Chad Rook from The Flash, Austin Eckert from NarcoLeap, Justin Rain from Fear the Walking Dead, Blackstone, Defiance, and Twilight, Marcus Rosner from my Hallmark movies, Bruce Harwood from The X-files, Shane Symons from The 100 and Van Hesling.

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