Hi, my name is Brandon Hart and I am a portrait photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

My journey becoming a photographer was not exactly conventional.  The first twenty years of my life was dedicated to hockey.  Once my junior hockey career finished, I wanted to do something that was the complete opposite of anything I had ever done before, so I went to Vancouver Film School to become an actor.  I was a professional actor for four years and loved everything about it. Acting turned me into a total film nerd, and the more great films I watched, the more I wanted to get onto the other side of the lens to tell my own stories.

In 2010, I decided I was going to be a professional photographer.  Why would it matter that I had no idea how to operate a camera?  I had an acting buyout cheque that I was waiting for in the mail to pay for my first camera, so during the three month period that I waited, I went to Google University to learn as much about photography as I could.  I learned so much about the technical aspects of photography that I was very confident in my ability before I even started.


I received the cheque in the mail, bought my first camera and lens that day, made a reflector out of cardboard and tin foil, convinced a friend of mine to be my first subject, and shot my first ever actor’s headshots.  My months of studying and the passion that overcame me would certainly mean that I would be a natural right out of the gate, right? What could possibly go wrong?

I was terrible.  I really was not very good at all.  My experience in playing and coaching hockey came in and I developed a burning desire to get better, and that burning desire has never stopped.

Now, with over twelve years experience, I am absolutely dedicated to becoming a better photographer every day of my life.  If there is a style of lighting that I struggle with, I experiment until I can do it.  If I see photography work that I think is better than mine, I dedicate myself to get better so I can produce equivalent work.  If my client is struggling to do well, I try everything in my arsenal to help them be great.  I am a perfectionist and I always want more from myself.

When you or your team work with me, I full heartedly believe that you will see my passion, drive, and persistence at work.  I do anything and everything that I can to create photographs that both you and I love.  Whether I am shooting your headshots or commercial advertising campaign, I give you everything I’ve got.

I have extensive experience shooting actor’s headshots, business headshots and portraits, editorial portraits, branding photos, and advertising campaigns.  My key focus is on teaching you how to look into the lens, what to do, and how to do it; it doesn’t matter if you are a lead actor in a TV series or this is your first ever business headshot, I take my time with you so you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I look forward to meeting you and bringing this experience to you, working with you or your team!


Brandon Hart

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