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A New Challenge

2024 is an exciting year for business for both myself and my wife, Faye, founder and lead stylist at Faye Smith Agency. We have worked together since the day we met, but it has always been as two separate businesses. For the first time in our careers, we have decided to join forces and create maternity portrait photography together.

Why Maternity Photography?

The idea was created simply because Faye asked me to take maternity portraits of her when she was pregnant with our (now) 18 month old daughter. We shot the maternity portraits of her and it dawned on me that this is totally something that fits with my style of portrait photography!  We both loved the results so much that we knew I had to take a shot at it!  Here are two of the portraits I took of Faye:

maternity photographer vancouver brandon hart faye smith web

The Journey Begins

So surely I must have started building a maternity photography portfolio right away, right?  Think again.  Soon after, I became a father, and the thought of a new professional adventure seemed a long ways off.

I am glad I took a pause because it gave me time to figure out how I want to take on this new challenge.  Faye and I had always talked about joining forces, but we never actually did it, outside of her being in charge makeup and hair for my shoots and the creative shoots we have shot together.

We are going all in as a team on this.  Faye is doing the makeup and hair, I am doing everything that I usually do create photographs, as per usual; To make this different, we are coming up with creative concepts and helping guide our subjects together as a team to create beautiful memories for moms-to-be.  Everything in the shoot process is done together so our clients feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident.


Here are some photos from our shoot with Lien:

Vancouver Maternity Photographer Brandon Hart Lien 1
Vancouver Maternity Photographer Brandon Hart Lien 2
maternity pictures vancouver brandon hart photography faye smith makeup lien 1
maternity pictures vancouver brandon hart photography faye smith makeup lien

So Where Do We Fit In?

Make no mistake, there are some great maternity photographers here in Vancouver.  I understand that this will be a challenging market to get into, but the good news is, I love taking on difficult challenges.  I have strong conviction that we will be able to create a unique experience and beautiful editorial style portraits for our clients.  I have been shooting editorial, publicity, and advertising campaigns for over a decade, so I think my style fits really well with maternity photography.  It also doesn’t hurt that Faye is one of the top bridal stylists in the country and she can pass on our little business idea to her brides-to-be (wink wink, nudge nudge).  As a team, we got this!

Here are some photos with Ange:

best maternity photography vancouver brandon hart faye smith ange
vancouver maternity portraits brandon hart photography faye smith makeup
maternity photography vancouver brandon hart faye smith ange 2
maternity pictures vancouver brandon hart photography faye smith makeup ange 1

Let’s Connect

Faye and I will be doing this in three phases:

Phase One: We are looking for moms-to-be who are 27-33 week pregnant.  These will be portfolio building photoshoots that will be free of cost. Faye and I choose the selected images.

Phase Two: Once we have what we feel is enough of a portfolio to prove that we are worth your har earned money, we will be offering the shoots for free, and you get to choose and pay for the images you select.

Phase Thee: We are full on in the business of Vancouver maternity photography and we will create select packages.


We are currently in phase one, so if you are pregnant and would like to be part of our journey, please get in touch.  If you have friends or family who are pregnant, please pass on this blog post to them!

Contact us at

Thank you for taking the time to read and we are so excited about creating maternity portraits for you!

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